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    8-81kVA – the range of Smart Range diesel generators consists of products suitable for reserved power supply of residential buildings and small to medium-sized businesses. Generators are available with Grupel own brand motors .



    The Industrial Range 87-700kVA industrial diesel generators have been specially developed for the industrial sector and are designed to operate as a primary or emergency power source. These generators are designed for a diverse range of applications.



    700-1000kVA – the Heavy Range industrial diesel generator range has been specially developed to meet industrial needs with high energy requirements. This range consists of containerized diesel generators designed to provide low or medium power.

The role of the brand Grupel’s diesel generators in the banking and financial sector


The role of the brand Grupel’s diesel generators in the banking and financial sector

In the global economy, the banking and financial sectors play an essential role, providing the infrastructure to process billions of transactions every day. To function efficiently and smoothly, this sector needs a reliable power supply. The Grupel brand diesel generator provides a sustainable and reliable solution for uninterrupted power supply.

Importance of uninterrupted power supply in the banking and financial sector

The banking and financial sectors are extremely sensitive to power outages. Even short-term outages can result in significant financial losses and delays in processing transactions and disrupting customer services.

In this sector, uninterrupted power supply is critical because time is money. Here are some reasons why this is so:

1. Data security: Banking and financial institutions process huge volumes of data that must be protected from loss and theft. Power outages can lead to the loss of critical data and compromise the security of systems.

2.Continuity of operations: Banking operations, such as financial market transactions, payment processing, and customer services, must be performed continuously. Power outages can lead to significant losses and customer dissatisfaction.

3. Regulatory requirements: A number of regulatory bodies require financial and banking institutions to maintain a high level of reliability and continuity of services. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in penalties and fines.

Grupel: A leader in the production of diesel generators

Grupel is a company specialized in the production of diesel generators. They offer reliable and efficient backup power solutions. Established in 1976 in Portugal, Grupel has quickly established itself as an industry leader thanks to the quality and innovation of its products. The company manufactures generators from 3 to 3500 kVA that can be used in a variety of applications, including banking and finance.

Advantages of Grupel diesel generators in the banking and financial sector

Grupel diesel generators offer many advantages that make them ideal for use in the banking and financial sector. Let’s look at some of them:

1. Reliability and durability: Grupel diesel generators are designed to work in extreme conditions and provide uninterrupted power when needed. They are known for their durability and can work without problems for many years.

2. Efficiency and economy: Grupel offers diesel generators that are highly efficient and economical. They are extremely economical in the long run as they use less fuel than other generators and offer optimum performance.

3.Modern technology and automation: With modern technology and automation systems, Grupel generators are equipped, allowing them to be easily controlled and monitored. This provides a high degree of control and reliability, which is essential for the banking and financial sector.

4.Flexibility and adaptability: According to the specific needs of customers, different capacities and configurations can be adapted. This allows financial institutions to choose the most suitable solution for their needs.

5. Support and Service: Grupel offers excellent support and service for its products. The company has a team of highly qualified specialists who can provide quick and effective assistance when needed.

Application examples of Grupel diesel generators in the banking and financial sector

To illustrate the importance of Grupel diesel generators in the banking and financial sector, we will look at a few concrete examples of their applications.

Example 1: Central banks

Central banks play a key role in the management of national economies and financial systems. They need a continuous power supply to ensure their normal operation and to maintain the stability of the financial markets. Grupel generators can provide reliable back-up power for central banks, ensuring continuity of operations and protection of critical infrastructure.

Example 2: Commercial banks

Commercial banks process millions of transactions every day and provide a variety of services to their customers, including deposits, loans and investment products. Power outages can cause significant losses and inconvenience to customers. Grupel diesel generators can provide reliable back-up power for commercial banks, ensuring service continuity and data protection.

Example 3: Financial data centers

The heart of financial institutions are financial data centers, where vast volumes of data are stored and processed. They need a high level of security and reliability. Uninterrupted power supply to financial data centers can be provided by Grupel generators ensuring data protection and preventing service interruptions.