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    8-81kVA – the range of Smart Range diesel generators consists of products suitable for reserved power supply of residential buildings and small to medium-sized businesses. Generators are available with Grupel own brand motors .



    The Industrial Range 87-700kVA industrial diesel generators have been specially developed for the industrial sector and are designed to operate as a primary or emergency power source. These generators are designed for a diverse range of applications.



    700-1000kVA – the Heavy Range industrial diesel generator range has been specially developed to meet industrial needs with high energy requirements. This range consists of containerized diesel generators designed to provide low or medium power.


Grupel’s Silent Diesel Generators: Quiet and Efficient

Grupel, with its many years of experience and history, is a leading manufacturer of energy solutions, focused on product quality and innovation. In the field of diesel generators, Grupel stands out for its silent solutions that provide electricity in critical situations with minimal impact on the environment and consumers.

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Integration of Diesel Generators in Data Centers

Data centers have an essential role in our daily lives, as data is at the heart of digital transformation. They support all aspects of modern business and social life. One of the most critical aspects of a data center is its ability to provide reliable and uninterrupted power supply.

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Single-phase or three-phase diesel generator to choose?

In various areas of life, diesel generators are essential for the supply of electricity from households to industries. In the event of an interruption or lack of power supply to the grid, generators provide continuous electricity. Single-phase and three-phase diesel generators are two main categories, each with its own advantages and applications.

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Why do we Choose Diesel Generator?

In various areas of our lives where uninterrupted power supply is required, diesel generators are a key element. They are used in construction, in various industrial sectors, healthcare, trade and in domestic conditions.

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Why do we Choose Gasoline Generator?

We live in an age where electricity plays a key role in our daily lives. Electricity is a vital element from home lighting to office work, from industrial production to entertainment at home or out. But, what happens when the power goes out for an indefinite period of time. Then the need arises for a generator to provide us with the necessary energy. Choosing the right type of generator to meet our needs can be a real challenge.

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Service and maintenance of diesel generator

In many areas, diesel generators play an essential role in providing reliable power in the event of a breakdown or in places where the power grid is not available. They are used both in hospitals, industrial sites and in homes. A guarantee for efficient and trouble-free operation is proper service and maintenance.
Key aspects of service and maintenance is knowing the main components of the generator, as well as choosing a suitable place for installation and connection to the electrical network.

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Power Generators: An Integral Part of Modern Life and Industry

In our modern world, where electricity plays a critical role in most aspects of daily life, power generators have become an indispensable part of the infrastructure. Their applications are diverse and are used in different spheres of society. In this article, we will look at the numerous areas where power generators are needed and their roles in power supply.

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