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    8-81kVA – the range of Smart Range diesel generators consists of products suitable for reserved power supply of residential buildings and small to medium-sized businesses. Generators are available with Grupel own brand motors .



    The Industrial Range 87-700kVA industrial diesel generators have been specially developed for the industrial sector and are designed to operate as a primary or emergency power source. These generators are designed for a diverse range of applications.



    700-1000kVA – the Heavy Range industrial diesel generator range has been specially developed to meet industrial needs with high energy requirements. This range consists of containerized diesel generators designed to provide low or medium power.

Implementation of diesel generators of Grupel in the hotels


Implementation of diesel generators of Grupel in the hotels

A key aspect of the management of any hotel, regardless of its category and size, is energy security. In today’s world, hotels must have reliable backup power sources due to the real threat of power outages. Diesel generators are often chosen for this purpose due to their reliability, efficiency and durability.

Types of hotels and their energy needs

Hotels vary greatly in size and category, resulting in different energy needs and requirements. Types of hotels:

1. Small boutique hotels

2. Medium-sized city hotels

3. Luxury and five-star hotels

4. Large hotel complexes and resorts

5. Hotels in remote and hard-to-reach areas

Small boutique hotels

Small boutique hotels usually offer a unique experience to their guests despite a limited number of rooms. It is important for them to provide a cozy and comfortable environment, which includes a reliable power supply. Even short power outages can cause dissatisfaction among guests and damage the hotel’s reputation.

Implementation of Grupel diesel generator in the small boutique hotels:

•Assessment of energy needs: It is of primary importance to assess the total energy consumption of the hotel. This includes lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, kitchen equipment and other electrical appliances.

• Selection of a suitable model: Depending on the estimated energy needs, a suitable Grupel diesel generator model is selected. For small boutique hotels, a 20 to 100 kVA generator is usually sufficient.

•Installation and configuration: It is recommended to install the generator in a separate room or outside, according to the requirements of safety and noise restrictions. The configuration includes automatic switchover in the event of a mains power failure.

•Maintenance and monitoring: To ensure the reliable operation of the generator, regular maintenance and monitoring are essential. Grupel offers service and support services, making it easier for hotels in this regard.

Mid-sized city hotels

Medium-sized city hotels have higher energy needs due to the presence of more rooms, restaurants, bars and other facilities. Of key importance for trouble-free functioning is the reliable power supply of all these objects.

Implementation of Grupel diesel generator in the city hotels:

• Model and power: Depending on the size and specifics of the facilities, generators with a power of 100 to 500 kVA may be required for this type of hotel.

Installation: During the installation, the possibilities to minimize noise pollution and visual impact should be taken into account. Appropriate soundproofing materials and correct positioning of the generator are important.

Luxury and five-star hotels

Luxury and five-star hotels have the highest requirements for energy security. They offer multiple services and facilities that must function without interruption to maintain the level of service that guests expect.

Implementation of Grupel diesel generator in luxury and five-star hotels:

•High power and backup: For luxury hotels, generators with power above 500 kVA are recommended. For additional security, it may be necessary to install several generators working in parallel,

•Management and monitoring software: In real-time, hotel staff can monitor the generator and take necessary action when needed through the integration of management and monitoring software.

•Design and noise protection: Generators should be installed so as not to disturb guests. This includes the use of soundproofing shutters and consideration of the aesthetics of the hotel.

Large hotel complexes and resorts

Large hotel complexes and resorts, which usually include multiple buildings and facilities, require significant capacities and high levels of booking. Power must be provided to the various areas, including the entertainment facilities, restaurants and residential areas.

Implementation of Grupel diesel generator in large hotel complexes and resorts:

•Comprehensive assessment of energy needs: Including all areas of the complex, taking into account both normal operation and peak loads.

•Powerful generator systems: It is recommended to install powerful generators, often over 1000 kVA, and configure them for parallel operation to provide the necessary backup power.

•Regular maintenance and personnel training: Regular maintenance and personnel training on generators and control systems are essential to ensure long-term reliability.

Hotels in remote and hard-to-reach areas

Hotels in remote areas often face challenges related to the reliability of the main power supply. In these cases, diesel generators can be the main or backup power source.

Implementation of Grupel diesel generator in hotels in remote and hard-to-reach areas:

• Selection of models with high autonomy: Preference is given to models with large fuel tanks and the ability to work for a long time without recharging.

•According to climatic conditions: Generators must be adapted to the climatic conditions of the region, such as high temperatures, humidity or cold.

• Autonomy and cost management: Remote control and monitoring systems that allow control and optimization of costs from a distance.

Each type of hotel has specific needs that require a customized approach to generator selection and installation. Grupel offers a wide range of models and solutions that can meet these needs, providing energy security and peace of mind for guests and staff. The reliability, efficiency and economy of Grupel generators make them an ideal choice for any type of hotel.